What if you had a product that could engage guest, promote team building,
collect survey data, record video testimonials, AND takes pictures?

 ViolĂ ! You have arrived!



With its sleek design and contemporary aesthetics, our photo booth will effortlessly compliment the ambiance of any event, adding a touch of sophistication. Its compact footprint allows for easy setup in any venue, ensuring a seamless integration into your event space.

But our photo booth is more than just a pretty face. It's equipped with advanced features that take event photography to the next level. Guests can easily share their photos via text, email, AirDrop, or use a QR code for instant digital delivery. This means no more waiting for physical prints or dealing with cumbersome USB drives.

In addition to capturing stunning photos, our booth offers the unique ability to create surveys and video testimonials. Engage your guests by collecting valuable feedback or capturing their thoughts and experiences on video. This interactive feature adds a dynamic element to your event and provides you with valuable insights and content.

Whether you're hosting a corporate conference, trade show, or gala, our sleek and modern photo booth is the perfect addition to elevate your event. Experience the future of event photography and create lasting memories with our cutting-edge booth.


"Jenny was a pleasure to work with! She really has a gift at not only capturing you in your best light but also putting you at ease during the session"


"Professional, Friendly and Efficient! We will be working with Jenny again in the near future.


"Jenny made me feel so comfortable that she was able to capture my 'true self' in the photos she took of me."


"Working for a local marketing firm, we are constantly in need of quality and creative photography for our clients. We use Jenny because she accomplishes exactly that!"

-Mary Beth

"Jenny has done headshots for several of our team members as well as for our annual client event. I could not ask for any better!!"


"Jenny has been so accommodating, flexible with our schedule and best of all her photos are insanely amazing!!"


"Working with Jenny is always a joy. She brings a perfect combination of skills. She has the technical knowledge of camera, lighting, settings, and textures to capture the shot."